Bulletto means ‘mischievous friend’ in Italian and shows it’s slogan in the designs. Usually, silver, brass, leather and gemstones are used for the materials. These products are designed, wax-carved and handmade in Bulletto’s very own workshop. Designers insist handmade items with out machinery (3D Modeling).

Also, all products have thier own story and identity. Bulletto’s aims are set to transet trends instead of embracing trends.


'Vintage’, shows most impact in my fashion sense R.I.P stands for ‘reinterpret’. All of the items from this brand launced by Bulletto, are reinterpreted from American jewels from early to mid 20th centry. The designs are carefully crafted with the designer’s sensation, taste and handmade techniques,Various American vintage designs are presented with the designs of military jewels from 1,2nd World War in the lead.

Designer & Director – Cha Kwang ho




B.I is the signature of Bulletto.

It symbolizes harmony, peace, and love in a form which stand for the heart mark from the two people holding hands.

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